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We Are Here

Asia-Vinae J. Palmer

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Out of stock

This poster was created in November 2016, as part of the Trans Day of Resilience Art Project. It was made by Asia-Vinae J. Palmer in collaboration with Breakout! in New Orleans.

Asia-Vinae J. Palmer, AKA Preach has known they’ve had something to say from a young age. Born in California, aged in Eunice, Louisiana, and seasoned in New Orleans, they welcome change and work towards growth. With a writer for a mother and a painter for a father, art and literature played a big role in Asia-Vinae’s upbringing. As a visual artist, Asia-Vinae is determined to get their messages out with love and light and to use their art as seeds for something much bigger than themselves.

We Are Here is my way of archiving the love, light, and power in the TGNC communities of New Orleans. I wanted to use last year’s concept “Give us our roses while we’re still here” as a foundation and show the world that we can also flower and love ourselves. And we do, everyday. This is a piece about unapologetic existence is whatever way we chose to grow.”

Trans Day of Resilience Art Project uses art and activism to celebrate trans people of color in their lives and leadership, not just in death. It is supported by Strong Families. Learn more at

This print is one of six posters created for the 2016 Trans Day of Resilience Art Project. The complete set of 2015 & 2016 posters is available here. The other posters included in the 2016 project can be found here: Micah Bazant, Wriply Marie Bennet, Edxie Betts, Matice Moore, Asia-Vinae J. Palmer, and Rommy Torrico.