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We Rise Together

Courtnie Wolfgang, Erin White, & Molly Fair

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Out of stock

This print is a collaboration which celebrates queer chosen family and organizing in the South. On the front side is a 70’s cookbook inspired design envisioned by Courtnie and Molly, and on the flip side is Erin’s go-to vegan biscuit recipe, because our revolution will be fueled by comfort foods and love. Make sure the biscuits are touching in the skillet because “we rise together”!

Image description: a cast iron skillet of biscuits sits on an orange and white gingham floral patterned tablecloth background. Script text reads WE RISE TOGETHER.

60% of the funds from sales will go to Peter’s Place, which provides compassionate and accessible housing, resources, and trauma-informed care to LGBTQIA+ folks seeking individualized recovery support in Virginia.