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We Shall Not Be Moved

Gilda Haas, Tomas Benitez, & Carol Wells

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Out of stock

We Shall Not Be Moved: Posters and the Fight Against Displacement in LA”s Figueroa Corridor brings together full-color graphic arts and grassroots voices to describe the impact of gentrification and development in central Los Angeles, and how people fight back to protect their communities. This book emerged from a unique collaboration between SAJE, Self-Help Graphics and Art, and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. It is a visual and written story of how grassroots organizing can both inspire and be inspired by the creation of original art and the recognition of the intermingled traditions of art and struggle on a global level. It combines a gripping narrative of what gentrification looks like in L.A.’s Figueroa Corridor a full-color view of posters from housing struggles around the country and the world. Some of the best housing-related political posters ever made are inside, including posters by Sabrina Jones, Janet Koenig, Lady Pink, Josh MacPhee, Favianna Rodriguez, San Francisco Poster Brigade, Klaus Staeck, Seth Tobocman and Anton Van Dalen.