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Women’s Struggles Poster Pack

Various Artists

The twenty three posters in this collection are representations of women’s and feminist struggles throughout the world. You save $55 when buying these posters as a set!

1. Jane Collective by Meredith Stern
2. Kalamazoo Corset Co. Strike by Shaun Slifer & Sara Beth
3. Red Wheelies by Rachael House
4. Amazon Army by Dave Loewenstein
5. Las Mujeres Libres by Cristy Road
6. Emma Goldman by Ben Rubin
7. Guerreras de Las Barricades by Tim Simons & Barucha Calamity Peller
8. Madres de Plaza de Mayo by John Isaacson
9. Aunt Molly Jackson by Pete Yahnke Railand
10. Assata Shakur is Free by Laura Whitehorn & Molly Fair
11. Matilde Landa by Un Mundo Feliz
12. Louise Olivereau by Aprille Thurheimer
13. Grace Lee and Jimmy Boggs by Bec Young
14. Narmada Bachao Andolan by Robin Hewlett
15. Seki Ran Kai by Keisuke Narita & Red Eye
16. Audre Lorde by Katrina Clark
17. Grace Paley by Meredith Stern
18. The Lesbian Herstory Archives by Carrie Moyer
19. Grandmothers of Austin by The Stockyard Institute
20. Sylvia Ray Rivera by John Gerken
21. Feminist Comix by Emily Brymer
22. Annie Diggs by Emi Gennis
23. Sister Corita Kent by Shannon Gerard & Mary Tremonte