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You Shouldn’t Have to Read this Poster…

Rachel Schragis

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Out of stock

This image is about the stuff we need to know about climate change besides the suffering that it causes—its history, politics and science. It’s also about tactics for resistance to climate change. All the text is focused on the USA, with facts and figures from fall 2013. The image was originally designed to accompany’s Do The Math campaign ( Text is drawn from speeches by Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, and Terry Molner, with additional research from the Responsible Endowments Coalition (, the UN website, and Wikipedia, for good measure. You can click HERE to see close-up details on this poster.



May 23, 2022

DIYDPW is a frequent, irregular blog post highlighting global examples of Do It Yourself Department of Public Works projects. These are defined as any examples of municipal signage or infrastructure,…