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Providence Street Art 3 years later

July 6, 2008

These posters were wheatpasted over 3 years ago in Providence Rhode Island and they are still weathering well. The key is a combo of 3 parts wheatpaste with 1 part PVA glue (bookbinders glue).




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2 comments on “Providence Street Art 3 years later”

And one other part, lack of vandal squad or effective buff team?
Its invigorating and encouraging to see remnants of work from 3 years ago!
I always get excited in cities and places that my work has lasted.
It reminds me how much I enjoyed sharing and communicating on the street.
Maybe I’ll get to posse up this summer and get busy again!

I like the one that someone scratched the heads off, then you pasted some other awesome cat heads that you had printed back on over them. (someone I know took pictures and posted them here, but only after that too had been defaced…)
the poster I have had last the longest, that I know of (I put it up almost 8 years now, with a now forgotten wheatpaste recipe), is on the north side of the thing it is pasted on… I’m sure that is part of the equation, being out of the sun… interestingly, the ink has stayed (speedball acrylic medium red) while the paper around it has disentegrated.
PVA/white glue = the key for getting stuff to last!!!! but expensive.

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