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Punk & Metal Record Covers 05: Antimaster

by Mazatl
April 13, 2012


This week’s cover is Antimaster. I had previously posted on the blog the Silkscreen printing process of this cover, but this is what it looked like originally.
I had done a couple designs for them previous to this gatefold cover and they were really open and receptive to any advice I could provide. So when it came down to illustrating it was super quick and easy.

At first Mastur, the band’s drummer had some pretty crazy and challenging ideas involving a flying grim ripper, a huge chaos symbol, a decaying Jesus Christ, and decapitated politicians and capitalists. I sketched the idea but the outcome wasn’t all that flattering.
So I stuck to one of the many options I had… A decaying Jesus Christ. My idea was for the skull to be on the front cover and the hand to be on the back. I had left lots of black space for the song titles to go above the hand. They were so happy with the pierced hand that they ended up choosing it to go on the front.
All while growing up my parents had this broken up crucifix hanging from their bedroom wall. It wasn’t until after the record was pressed and put out that I was able to remember that the broken crucifix stuck on the skeletons mouth looks exactly like the one on my parent’s wall.
I think its kind of eerie that these sort of images just stick to your subconscious and later in life will pop up in dreams, art work, songs, you name it.
To see the Silkscreen printing process of this cover click HERE.
To visit Antimaster’s website click HERE.




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