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Punk & Metal Record Covers: Etacarinae

by Mazatl
February 10, 2012



Last year while I was visiting Pittsburgh for the Justseeds Biennial show I got to stay with fellow Justseeder and friend Shaun Slifer. While my stay at his house, we talked about the influence DIY punk has in the Justseeds Cooperative and the conversation developed into us talking about the illustration work that many of the coop members in Justseeds have done for a wide range of music projects.
I showed Shaun some of the illustrations I have done mostly for DIY punk and underground metal bands and he suggested that I should post some of this work on the blog sometime.

I liked the idea though I never really had enough time in front of the computer to do it.
At last here I’m gonna post some of the work that I do for all kinds of bands and friends to support their artistic projects.
This cover is for a band from Barcelona named Etacarinae. They played Black Metal influenced hardcore punk. The images were done sometime in 2009.
My friend Juan Miguel who is originally from Venezuela but has lived in Barcelona for a decade asked me to do this cover incorporating imagery of Baphomet and other occult symbolisms. They wanted the cover to be done as a relief print. Since I am a huge fan of religious and occult imagery from the 1500s this project was really exciting to me. This is what I came up with. They were really happy with it, though sadly I never got to see a printed copy of this record.
I think the band is currently broken up or on some sort of hiatus but you can visit their website HERE.




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3 comments on “Punk & Metal Record Covers: Etacarinae”

this is beautiful Santi. I too have been meaning to do some blog posts of record covers and show flyers I’ve done over the years. I think its an incredibly important part of what myself and many of us justseeds folks do, or have done, and really influences how we operate in the world. Thanks for posting. I’ll get to sharing mine one of these days.

Hey Pete, you definitely should. Id love to see those covers and flyers.
I dont understand why people think that developing a deeper political and social analysis means breaking all links with DIY punk and pretending part of their politics didnt come from their exposure to it.

Hell yeah, keep these coming Santi! Maybe I’ll do a post with pics of all the “religious and occult imagery” you carved on the frame of the futon I let you sleep on…

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