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Quit Coal: Greenpeace action in Chicago

May 25, 2011

Direct action gets the media coverage. Yesterday, Greenpeace activists brought much needed local and national media attention to the Fisk and Crawford power plants in Chicago by hanging a banner off the tower of the Fisk plant and rappelling off the Pulaski Bridge, near the Crawford coal plant, and dropping a banner that blocked coal barge traffic on the river.

This action is civil disobedience at its finest. As a part-time resident of Chicago this issue hits close to home and was the topic of my print and sign project (in collaboration with the Rain Forest Network) that I created for the Justseeds RESOURCED portfolio project. Below is a link to a five-minute film that documents the June 2010 action and discusses the issues behind the campaign to close down Fisk, Crawford, and ALL coal-powered plants.

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One comment on “Quit Coal: Greenpeace action in Chicago”

Doesn’t look like they dropped a banner on that stack, it looks like they _painted_ it right on there! Nice.