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Rad Printin with Teens

April 7, 2010


Harvey Milk posters! Yes that is a rainbow mustache!!!
Shaun Slifer and I just wrapped up another partnership with Schenley High School’s Theory of Knowledge classes, the day before I left for Brazil, and three days before Shaun left for Australia and India.


Stop Racial Profiling! * Medical Use Is Not Abuse!
Over four weeks of biweekly visits, we did a similar project to what we have done in years past, working with groups of students to design a screenprinted poster examining an issue. The project culminated with a field trip to Artists Image Resource (AIR) to print the posters. This year we got to go bigger than ever before, and I think the results were great. Check out these images for a taste, more HERE. Big thank you’s to teachers Walt Moser, Pete Vitti, and Oscar Huber, artist educators Ashley Brickman and Heather White, and to Bill Rodgers, Jenn Pascoe and co. at AIR.

DJ Dry That


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