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read the writing on the wall-10

December 4, 2009


Williamsburg Bridge, NYC. 2009
Today on NPR they reported that 10% unemployment is raising hopes. While so many people are living in precarity, no real solutions to the economic crisis are being proposed. No one is willing to admit that our economic system creates the very problem that is reported.
It is clear that current generations, and those to come, identify less with their companies and occupations. This leads to newer and difficult ways of organizing and manifesting solutions. I’ve been on the periphery of many groups of people reading numerous philosophical texts. They argue for more common affinities, fewer subdivisions, such as identity politics, and labor classifications. These politics are manifesting as occupations of Universities and social unrest in the streets. I am unsure where they will lead, and I wish to hear more articulated. In the new Obama world of lost hope we need mobilizations with teeth.

Pardon the sporadic nature of these posts. My photo series will be on and off until I can retrieve the massive amounts of images off my external drive.


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