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ReAnimation zine

June 27, 2005

ReAnimation: Magazine for Urban Environment is a new PDF zine designed by Martin Stiegler that explores street art and public space. Part of our zine on the how-to’s of street art were adapted for the first issue, which is beautifully illustrated with photos of street art from Milan, Berlin, and Vorarlberg, Austria. From the ReAnimation site:

All over the world, artists are working in and with the urban environment of our cities. The ReAnimation magazine wants to unite all the different approaches to urban space, regardless of the medium.
So every artist, may he/she be graffiti-artist, street artist, photographer, texter or anything else is welcome to participate. Let’s reanimate the boring walls in public space!

A German version is forthcoming. Check out the site here or download the zine here (PDF file, 6.7M). Thanks to Martin for the great work!


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