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Recent Press Roundup

April 22, 2010

Justseeds and related-projects keep popping up around the web, here’s a recent list of activity:
1. Spectres of Liberty (Dara Greenwald, Josh MacPhee, and Olivia Robinson) just had an interview published on the website of the Finger Lakes Experimental Film Festival. You can read it HERE.
2. Mary Tasillo did a nice write-up on the presence of Justseeds at Philagrafika on the Printeresting blog. You can read it HERE.

3. Ryan found a NY Times story about immigration illustrated by a photo that contains signs created with Claude Moller’s stencil that was printed in both Stencil Pirates and Cut & Paint (wow, talk about meta-media). Nice catch! You can see the story HERE. The photo was taken by Joshua Lott.
4. I just found a very strange video presentation of my book Stencil Pirates on Vimeo. It appears to be produced by a Chilean, Javiera Andrade, for an exhibition. Weird, weird, and weird. Click below to check it out…


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