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Reclaim Wisconsin / Recall Walker

May 24, 2012


Here is an image that I made for the “Get-Out-the-Vote” effort for the Wisconsin recall election on June 5th. Feel free to recirculate the image through Facebook and other social media platforms. Walker commercials have flooded Wisconsin for the past six months and he has outspent Tom Barrett 25-1, yet his small lead in the polls is dwindling. The upcoming election is now too close to call. Voter turnout is going to decide the outcome and this is not a time for apathy and those negatively impacted by Walker’s policies to sit this one out. My image connects the life-and-death struggles of the Civil Rights Movement (which included massive voter registration drives) with the recall election in Wisconsin. Specifically, my image utilizes a photograph by James Karales of the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March and connects it to the present day call for economic and social justice.


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