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Reportage on “I Know There is Love”

August 11, 2009

There are a handful of images from the “I Know There is Love” installation, by Chris Stain and Armsrock, up on the web. Check out the slideshow up on the Village Voice website as well as an interview with the two herbs that conceived it on Arrested Motion.
The opening was well attended and Chris’ daughter Amara made out by selling some crayon drawn portraits of the attendees. It was really inspiring having Armsrock in town for a bunch of days and we got to talk a lot about the efficacy of art, activism, and our future. He’s a wiry and expressive little bugger and I look forward to his involvement in future Justseeds projects, such as our forthcoming portfolio, because of his passion for communication and social justice in this world. Thanks for comin to this side of the pond, buddy, you inspire me to create and keep on fightin!
And just so you know work is available through Ad Hoc Art. We did make these sweet zines with handscreened covers too! Also available at Ad Hoc


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3 comments on “Reportage on “I Know There is Love””

Sure, there’s love. The love of the cuckoo for its’ nest. Big, big love. What do children mean? Human children, that is. Do they mean anything other than EAT!? Who’s going to teach their child to be less entitled? No fucking hope. (Nothing personal)

Considering Chris’ doubts during the install, I think he may have taken you up on your advice roger, and called it “No Fuckin’ Hope”, but I don’t think that’s a Crass song



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