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Reproduce & Revolt in LA High School

February 10, 2010

Alex Bodnar and Mark Ayala, art teachers Manual Arts Senior High School in Los Angeles, used Reproduce & Revolt, the book of copyleft images Favianna Rodriguez and I edited (check it out HERE), as the basis for a mural class, and students decorated the school with images from the book. Check it out:











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11 comments on “Reproduce & Revolt in LA High School”

Most definitely the most incredible use of R&R yet!
These look super vibrant and really inspiring in that context.
Congrats to the teachers for facilitating this.

OMG!! This amazing. This made my week..month! What an amazing project. Cheers to Alex Bodnar and Mark Ayala!! If only I went to a high school like this.

Wow. This is dope. I know this high school -it was in the great LA area where I grew up and I am amazed to see them doing this kind of work. I would love to repost this blog on Dignidad Rebelde Josh if you think that is ok.

Hello all! I’m happy and proud to be part of a school that supports this kind of free speech. I have to give credit to another fellow and veteran art teacher by the name of John Latsko. His initial class silhouettes opened the door to this type of free expression. We invite all visitors to come by and see the artwork in person!
Manual Arts Senior High School
4131 S Vermont Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90037
Phone: (323) 846-7300
Fax: (323) 232-0837

thanks for all the support and enthusiasm! everyone here recognizes the value of expression like this… you can imagine the precarious situation in which we find ourselves defending such expression – the distraction of a series of leadership changes at our school at least enabled us to move through three or four phases of the project. we’re now on the brink of something even larger and grander on some of the school’s exterior walls! keep your fingers crossed for us everyone!

Aw that is so cool i happen to be browsing and i bumped into this, my team worked on the black silhouette of the gas pumps in the tree i can say i loved this class 🙂

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