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Resourced Exhibits with photos from Sierra Leone

April 29, 2011

Exhibit is up from May 1 – May 28, 2011.
Opening Reception May 1 from 4-7pm
AS220 Main Gallery (115 Empire St) Providence RI 02903

JustSeeds Artists’ Cooperative, a transnational North American artist
collective of 26 printmakers engaged in issues of social, political, and
environmental justice, bring a traveling exhibition called Resourced! to
the Main Gallery. If you’ve got a sweet tooth for socially-conscious,
politically-engaged, radical environmentalists who make art as a means of
personal expression and collective activation, YOU’RE IN LUCK.
Joining them are two photographers, Kate Kelly and Jonathan Beller, whose
work on the documentary Leh Wi Tok has yielded a collection of photographs
of the landscapes and peoples of Sierra Leone. Their exhibition,
Resilient, coincides with their new book of the same name, available here,


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