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Ridin Dirty Part Deux

June 23, 2009

All we’ve had is rain up here, but the garden seems happy enough…
Check out the garlic and the flowers!



Pictured here are perennials Rue, Feverfew and Sorrel, and also annual Chamomile and Cilantro. Chamomile makes a soothing tea if you dry the flowers and then add hot water. Feverfew repels aphids! Cilantro is a great and tasty ingredient for salsa, and as a garnish on curries.


Keep reading for lots more photos!


here is nasturshum: you can eat the flowers in salad and it’s a good plant for keeping out some unwanted insects.


Mint! It’s a great aphid repeller, a fabulous tea, or refreshing added to cold water for minty freshness. I just made an aphid repellent adding chopped raw garlic, chopped mint, and chopped cilantro into a jar of water. I soaked it in the fridge for a few days and sprayed it on the plants with the aphids and it seems to be working. Every rain it needs replenishing though.


Calendula: a medicinal herb. The flowers are gorgeous!


Here is the snap peas! Climbing the tressels!


Let us eat lettuce!


I put all the seeds from the greens together last year, so the bok choy, mesculin mix, mustard greens all became a “mystery greens” mix. Here is the results!!



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3 comments on “Ridin Dirty Part Deux”

Just treid eating the nasturshums – lovely peppery taste, enjoyed them with cheese!
Just wondered of you guys knew of any other plants you could eat apart from the obvious lettuce or veg we tend to hear about daily – am very interested in growing more exotic things for my table!

you can also eat calendula flowers in salad. they are a little more bitter than nasturshum. they are also a medicinal plant; my partner uses the flowers into a tea compress to assist with minor eye infections.