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RIP Harold H. Thompson

November 17, 2008

Long time prisoner and jailhouse lawyer and activist Harold H. Thompson died on November 11, 2008 of heart failure. Harold was an anarchist prisoner serving life plus sentences in Tennessee, USA. He was active in the 60’s anti-war movement, associating with Viet Nam Veterans Against the War during the 60’s and 70’s era of mass civil disobedience and struggle in America. From the late 60’s onwards Harold was repeatedly in conflict with the cops and the legal system, raising money for survival and political activities outside the law. Several of these expropriation activities resulted in him doing time in Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee prisons.
Behind the walls, Harold was well known for his work as a ‘jailhouse lawyer’ and said he coped with prison by fighting for his fellow prisoners in the courts for some semblance of real justice. His legal work mainly consisted of other prisoners appeals, drafting their legal briefs for submission to the courts, filing civil rights complaints on behalf of prisoners who have been abused and had their rights violated. He helped file proper grievances in the prison system and courts. He also was a prolific writer and poet.
This information is from Harold’s support group, more info can be found here


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