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Riseup Needs Our Help

October 15, 2010


It is a little known secret, but Justseeds can only do what it does because groups like the Riseup Collective create online tools that facilitate 25 artists in 14 cities being able to make decisions together. Since we became a coop 4 years ago, we have been using an online platform called Crabgrass to have decentralized discussions and decision making. Crabgrass is a bit like the activist monster child of a wiki, facebook, and google docs, with social networking tools, online image galleries, group file editing, and consensus/decision making applications. Check out Crabgrass HERE.
Right now Riseup needs our help to keep doing what they are doing! They have created a new, improved Crabgrass but to implement it, they need to raise $12,000!! Please, take a minute to go check out what Riseup does HERE, then head over HERE and donate a little bit of money! Every dollar counts!
Once again, here is the link to the most useful way you can donate to Riseup Networks. This allows them the most versatility with the money:
f you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, the best way to do that
is through Riseup Labs. Labs is also the way to go if where you work
provides matching grants for donations.
If you’d like to send a check or money order addressed to either Riseup
Networks or Riseup Labs, mail that to:
PO Box 4282
Seattle, WA 98194 USA


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