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Roger Peet lecture on Justseeds and more…

March 20, 2011

Here is a great talk given by Roger Peet at the Portland State University Monday Night Lecture Series back in January of this year. Roger gives a great overview of Justseeds, his work, and his thoughts on a couple problems in the world. It’s over an hour long; skip the first 5 minutes as they are just setting up the sound and camera. There are also other PSU lectures worth watching here.

Roger Peet/Just Seeds from PSU MFA on Vimeo.


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4 comments on “Roger Peet lecture on Justseeds and more…”

erik ruin and i spent an hour with this while both coworking in providence this winter…totally articulate, surprising, and definitely worth a gander

Some of my favorite quotes and concepts from listening so far.
With regards to Jeffrey Deitch’s decision to buff Blu’s mural outside the LAMoCA:
“Maybe there are a lot of people in that community and the neighborhood nearby that really wanted somebody to say something graphically anti-war, on a wall they look at all the time. That, maybe would have been great, but nobody asked, who knows…”
“The thing that inspires me to make art is that everything on earth right now is almost completely fucked.
When I joined Justseeds I decided to focus my art on ecological relationships.
If you remove human priorities from the well of ideas, other things rear their heads.
Most politics and most political art that is in opposition to the harsh economic and social conditions of modern society is concerned with things like, rights, justice, and sustainability, which are popular mythological creatures, and how those things pertain to humans. This crosses all ideological boundaries, the boundaries of race class and gender.
When nonhumans are represented in political art it’s usually in such ways to give the impression that the interests of animals and plants and ecologies are, somehow, the same thing as human interests. Which, in my opinion, is emphatically not the case. We like to think that others will love us for doing what we think they want.”

This speech is excellent, however I was terribly shaken and disappointed by roger’s americanized pronunciation of the word “process.”

I am a fan of the Just Seeds project and have actually purchased art from participating members. I expect to continue to support the project in the future. Today I must express my disappointment and disagreement with Roger Peet’s Uvalde Police piece.

I respect his right to express his opinion but feel that this message serves only to create more division with Law Enforcement. To use the term All Police, is offensive. During my 30 years of police work I did see some cowardice though not as bad as the Uvalde Incident. What I also experienced was countless incidents of bravery and heroism. I must say this piece of work is simply Bad Seed. Peace! Gil Soto Phoenix Police Sergeant Retired

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