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Sanctuary Exhibition in Seattle

February 6, 2019

Cleo Barnett, the Deputy Director of Amplifier Foundation, recently invited a number of Justseeds artists to participate in a migration-themed exhibition she curated at Design In Public in Seattle. The show, called Sanctuary: Design for Belonging, features 28 artists, including 11 from Justseeds and many great folks we have worked with: Ai Weiwei, Ann Lewis, Ashley Lukashevsky, Chris Lee, Dylan Miner, Ernesto Yerena, Favianna Rodriguez, Felipe Baeza, Jess X. Snow, Josh MacPhee, Kate Deciccio, Kristine Virsis, Mary Tremonte, Mazatl, Meredith Stern | Micah Bazant, Misha Zadeh, Molly Crabapple, Nicolas Lampert, Oscar Magallanes | Pete Railand | Raoul Deal | Raychelle | Rommy Sobrado-Torrico | Shepard Fairey, Thea Gahr, Victoria Garcia, and Yakira Teitel. I wish I could see the show (which runs through Feb. 26), but I guess I’ll have to live with the nice write-up in the Seattle Globalist, and these great photos Cleo sent over. If you get to see the show, let us know what you think!



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