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Save the Gloo Factory!

January 12, 2010


My good friend Dwight, owner-operator of the Tucson multi-functional art/community/print space the Gloo Factory and allied enterprise Peace Supplies has been struggling against eviction from his crazy downtown space for years now, in the face of idiotic plans for redevelopment. At this point it looks like he’s going to lose the space, but he’s energized to find a new spot! A vacant lot with a big steel shed! Dreams of a Quonset hut! Located in the city of South Tucson, away from the boondoggles of Tucson proper! To accomplish this, he needs our help. Take a moment to navigate to the Save the Gloo Factory website and make a donation. Tucson’s radical print infrastructure will thank you.

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One comment on “Save the Gloo Factory!”

Man! that sucks, we got to visit the shop and hang out with him this last fall, and he was already dealing with the threats of eviction.
Another good way to help Dwight out is to donate political/social/environmental graphics for him to print and turn into stickers and buttons.

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