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Shaun Slifer & Mazatl Mural Collaboration at the Big Idea Bookstore in Pittsburgh

by Mazatl
October 21, 2011


Some months ago, while I was in Pittsburgh for the Justseeds exhibition part of the “Pittsburgh Biennial” at Carengie Mellon Shaun Slifer and I got to work on this mural based on a print I did some years ago. Which was a fun way to revitalize the old dusty image and help out the folks at Big Idea Books.

Big Idea Books is an Anarchist bookstore that has been around since 2001 I was told. When I first visited the bookstore it was a tiny little place that you could barely stand up in if you are tall, let alone host events.
They recently moved to a new bigger place on Liberty, right around the corner from their former location.
Shaun had donated his time and painting expertise to help out getting the new place ready and going. So he asked me if I’d be into the idea of painting a mural at this new Anarchist Bookstore/Café, I said yes with one condition… for us to collaborate on the mural.


Since the Pittsburgh Biennial was stealing so much of his time I had to conform to him doing the lettering and I paint the rest.
This is what came out of it… I decided to change the image up a little bit; make it more round, change the trees, and of course the lettering was all Shaun’s making.
So if you are in Pittsburgh go to Big Idea Books, get a book, some coffee, and take a look at the mural. By the way if you have any complaints about the mural don’t hesitate to pay Shaun a visit, which lives only a few blocks away.





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