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Solidarity With the Iranian People

June 24, 2009

Solidarity With the Iranian People

Check out this new poster I’ve been working on…I have to say it took me a while to figure out what is going on in Iran and it seems like many places things are complicated. In the end there are many people struggling against oppression and to have their voice heard. As far away as we are from Iran we need to stand in solidarity with the people fighting for change and make sure that they have the opportunity to determine their own future.


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7 comments on “Solidarity With the Iranian People”

I think it might take some time to sort out the political and economic interests behind Moussavi, but it seems pretty clear from talking to friends in Iran and everything I can find to read, that the uprising is hugely popular, and many people see themselves trying to fulfill the promise of the 1979 revolution which was stolen from them. The people being beaten and killed in the streets (women, students, workers) are majority, not a “minority elite.”

It’s good that so many Americans are standing behind the Iranian people’s movement for freedom, but we must do more to make our leaders hear us. We are clearly calling for action from our government as well as the U.N., yet they do nothing. Speak up and let your voices, which millions have died to protect, be heard.

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