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Sounds of the Week #7

July 25, 2013

Welcome to the 7th installment of Sounds of the Week, the weekly musical musings of members of the Justseeds cooperative. This week: Kardeş Türküler, and bicycle themed songs.

Sound notes from Alec:
This is a video of a street performance by members of the group Kardeş Türküler, The wikipedia entry about them states that they were formed in 1993 as the music branch of the Folklore Club of Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. They perform regional music with the goal of using “the concert stage to advance the ideals of common ancestry and celebration of diversity as a foil to cultural polarization and ethnic tension.”
The song itself uses the modern symbol of protest- the cacerolazo/casserole as the only instrumentation. The lyrics, accompanied by a sad and joyous melody, are about the recent struggles in Istanbul and Turkey

Sound notes from Pete:
This week I’m busy getting ready for the Riverwest 24, an incredible community based 24 hour bike ride in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee. It will be something like this:

mixed with community building exercises.
So here’s some of my favorite bike songs for the occasion:

this is by far my favorite bike song by one of Portland’s most under-appreciated musicians, Larry Yes:

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