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Spectres of Liberty images

June 8, 2008

So the Spectres of Liberty project went great! We inflated our 35 foot tall church and had over 200 people come hang out, watch the animation on the outside and check out the inside. Here’s some images, and more info and images can be found on our website.
The view from down the street (photo by Pete)


Another daylight view for scale (photo by Josh MacPhee)

The inside of the church (photo by Bart Woodstrup)

The outside projection of Henry Highland Garnet as seen from the inside (photo by Bart Woodstrup)

The inside animation of Garnet’s speech: “An Address to the Slaves of the United States of America” (photo by Josh MacPhee)


Another inside view (photo by Andrew Lynn)

The outside animation on the front of the church (photo by Josh MacPhee)


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2 comments on “Spectres of Liberty images”

It’s actually just plastic sheeting and packing tape! Measured, cut and taped into the shape of the building, then inflated with a strong (but still home grade) box fan. The windows were made with plastic of different transparency, and the whole thing was held down with about 800lbs of sandbags.
I just added a link to the post to our website, where you can get more info.

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