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Stain & Mode wall in Bed-Stuy

March 17, 2009

Chris Stain and Billy Mode spent a mild Sunday evening painting a wall in Bed-Stuy. Folks in the neighborhood were intrigued and expressed support to the artists as they worked into the night. A good amount of guys stopping to make mention of how they used to paint trains and played the “do you know so-and-so” with Chris and Bill, finding they had friends in common. Police took no interest in the two entitled artists. Chris mentioned the only person perturbed by their painting was an older woman who harassed them for a moment and took their pictures. Other Folks like Bed-Stuy Banana and Bed-Stuy Blog were less aggressive in their phototaking.

It turns out writer Goal was painting a legal wall, with some friends, down the street on a restaurant. Apparently a perfect day to be out painting.



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