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Sumpthin’ new from The Icarus Project- Underground Roots: Taproots and Topsoils

March 21, 2005

We got word that The Icarus Project folks have a few new publications in the works…
The Icarus Project’s new book, Underground Roots: Taproots and Topsoils is due out in April 2005. In addition they are putting together a smaller publication containing artwork called, Underground Roots and Magic Spells: A Guide to Creating Mental Health Support Networks in Our Communities.
Here’s some of the artwork that will be included. These are from Fly, Cristy Road, and Sophie Crumb respectively. Click here to see the full gallery of pieces.

Taproots and Topsoils is all about building community from the ground up, looking at how other people do things and emulating and replicating what works – joining forces with them and figuring out how to grow together into the future. Our social and economic safety nets have either already been or are in the process of being cut, and the big question is: how do we make new ones with the scraps of what we’ve got? Instead of reinventing the wheel, how can we use all the pieces out there to create a whole new way to fly? The contributers provide a clever mix of social movements, healing modalities, and community organizing models.

Here’s a bunch of pieces you can look forward to:
MindFreedom – On Finding My Tribe, and Thinking for Myself
Freedom Center–Grassroots Empowerment Model of Mental Health Organizing
Fountain House – The Clubhouse Model-History and Future
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Theater of the Oppressed
Re-evaluation Counseling – useful tactics/non-heirarchical therapy model
Somatic Experiencing and the Roots of Our Illness
Alcoholics Anonymous
The Harm Reduction Movement
Food Not Bombs – as radical non-heirarchical/decentrailized grassroots network model
Prison Moratorium Project – example of community outreach and education
Lessons From ACT UP
Welcome Home Zapatista – finding community in revolution
The Asambleas in Argentina
Harm Free Zones and Community Organizing by Kai from Critical Resistance
Affinity Groups – history from Spanish anarchists/anti-nuke move
Community Supported Agriculture/Permaculture – reconnecting with the ground
Processwork/Process Oriented Psych– integrating aspects of shamanism into our work
Green Gulch Zen Center – Finding Spiritual Community


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