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Temporary Conversations: Aaron Hughes of IVAW

October 29, 2010

An extensive interview that I recently did with Aaron Hughes of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) has just been published by Half Letter Press (Temporary Services’ publishing wing). As is the case with all Temporary Services projects, the attention to detail and the craft is exceptional. This booklet features a dye-cut window, metallic ink cover, numerous photos, and 32 pages of text.
My interview with Aaron covers a myriad of topics including his experiences in Iraq, the artwork he created when he returned, his performances in public space to make people stop and think about the wars, his involvement with IVAW – including the key role he played in helping to organize “Operation First Casualty”, IVAW mud stencil actions, and numerous other topics that merge art with activism.
Order your copy here for $3!


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