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The Resistance of the Angler Fish & Poems by Jess X. Chen

April 4, 2016

Justseeds artist Jess X. Chen has been hiding in a hermit hole writing poems exploring eco-feminism, environmental resilience and love amidst diaspora, violence and trauma. Here are some of her new poems that have found homes on the internet.

The Resistance of the Angler Fish

The resistance
of the angler fish

is to end
a billion years
of darkness

by crowning itself
with its own star.

– Jess X. Chen, originally appearing in The Offing

Read more poetry here:

The Resistance of the Anglerfish,” and “The Day I Cracked Open Heaven,” The Offing

What I Saw Through The Telescope, The Margins

“How To Forgive 100 Years After A War,” Hyphen Magazine

“The Last Words Of The Honey Bees,” Nepantla: Issue II


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