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The Sussiya Book of Embroidered Local Knowledge

November 4, 2011

My friend Aviv from Barcelona is trying to fund a cool new project called The Sussiya Book of Embroidered Local Knowledge. According to Aviv, they will be spending a couple months in the South Mount Hebron area of Palestine, “documenting all of this culture (past and present) using a collaborative method we call real-time documentary embroidery. Basically, it involved sitting around and embroidering with whoever is interested and letting the conversation evolve naturally. We usually do this in public, everyone is invited. We embroider what we see and what we hear, leaving behind a document, a textile representation of the experience we all shared.” They will be working with local groups and organizations, and this seems a really unique and interesting way to conceptualize the intersections of cultural and solidarity work. More on the project is HERE, please help them out if you can!


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