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Tote bags for Stir to Action

by Mazatl
August 6, 2012

My friends at Stir to Action magazine have just launched a crowd-funding campaign on Sponsume in order to print a free book. If you throw in £35 you will get a tote bag that I designed, a copy of the book and an invitation to the book release party, and if you support them with £45 you get a T-shirt designed by Edd Baldry.

STIR is an online magazine that promotes some of the most inspiring and innovative community-led responses to the financial crisis, climate change and other contemporary challenges. The magazine focuses on communities creating their own local currencies, raising community-shares to build solar power stations, establishing grassroots media initiatives, transforming derelict land into community food gardens, finding ways to manage resources collectively, and sharing their stories and ideas in a global network.
The book will be completely FREE and distributed to various campaigners and activists who are working towards social change. The book will feature a selection of inspiring and transformative stories we have gathered since starting the magazine.
This publication will feature pieces by Simon Critchley (author of Infinitely Demanding), David Boyle (New Economics Foundation), Raj Patel (author of Stuffed and Starved), James John Bell & J Cookson (Smartmeme Studios), Marianne Maeckelbergh (author of The Will of Many), Nina Power (activist, Defend the Right to Protest), David Bollier (author of This Land is our Land), George McKay (author of Radical Gardening), Glyn Moody (author of Rebel Code), Brian Van Slyke (Founder of Toolbox for education and social action), Bethan Graham & Guppi Bola (food justice activists), Derek Wall (No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics) and Megan Saunders (The Real Food Store).



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