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Tri-X-Noise site launches!

June 21, 2011

A good friend of Justseeds, Bill Daniel, has recently launched a new photosite called Tri-X-Noise. Bill has been taking fantastic photos of American sub-culture since the early 1980s, from early punk shows in Texas to skateboarding around the country to classic SF graffiti. Like the rest of us, Bill is a struggling artist trying to make ends meet, and he’s launched Tri-X to both share his work with the world, but also sell very inexpensive hand-printed photographs. Checking out and buying Bill’s prints is a great way to be able to take home a bit of this history, and help out an artist at the same time. Check out the site HERE, and pick up some awesome photos! (To the right is a great shot of the work of early 90s SF graf artist Reminisce, and click below for a great skate shot!)


In Bill’s words:

Tri-X-Noise is an on-going 35mm photo project— a place where I can
offer black and white prints of select images from my archives for
sale at super-accessible prices. The basic idea is to make a direct
connection between my darkroom and you.
Tri-X-Noise starts with the first pictures I took at punk shows in
Austin, and includes various counter cultural obsessions since then.
Between 1980 and 1984 I shot around 12,000 negatives of basically
every punk band that was touring then— Minutemen, Bad Brains, Dead
Kennedys, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Misfits, Husker Du, Circle Jerks…
and most of the Texas bands at the time— Big Boys, the Dicks,
Butthole Surfers, Really Red, the Offenders, DRI, MDC… plus a bunch of
skating— backyard ramps, ditches, home-spun contests in Austin,
skating with Tony Alva when we went on tour to California, and Texas
skaters like Jeff Phillips, Craig Johnson, John Gibson.
Tri-X-Noise also includes the pictorial results of my 30-year love
affair with graffiti, starting with the discovery that freight trains
were, in fact, secret art galleries that ferried monikers— drawings
by unknown geniuses— from coast to coast. Tri-X-Noise also
represents my time in San Francisco in the early 90s when I shot
graffiti while working as a bike messenger. It’s also a record of the
weird places I’ve lived, road trips, and adventures that I remember
only from the photographs.
Tri-X-Noise is what happens when I go out into the world with the
Nikon loaded with my favorite film stock. It describes a way of
practicing photography that hasn’t changed in decades.
Tri-X-Noise is a way I can sell prints directly to you. The deal is to
try to make these as accessible as possible— $25 for an 8×10, $45
for an 11×14, $65 for a 16×20— about the prices you’d pay for
digital prints. But these are real, analog, optically-printed
hand-made photographs— b/w double weight fiber paper, archivally
processed. (Gelatin Silver Prints) If I make a photograph it’s made to
last as long as humanly possible. I want you to be able to give your
grandkids a photo of a Minor Threat show that they can give to their
kids. Maybe that’s a silly idea, but that’s part of what motivates me.
I’ll be posting photos to the store as I print new images. If you want
to know when new images are available sign the mailing list, or check
back soon and see what emerges from the darkroom.


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