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Vallone Subway Ads

February 2, 2006

Don’t know how we missed this one, but NY1 had a funny story about some parody subway ads that take a shot at Peter Vallone:

They look like the real thing, but these aren’t subway service advisories, they’re fakes. They’re a sort of prank, in this case, at the expense of City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., whose reputation as an anti-graffiti crusader has made him unpopular among graffiti aficionados, some of whom are apparently now trying to get under his skin by mocking him in phony subway notices that look surprisingly real.

Link. Related: Peter Vallone’s Vendetta / Fuck Vallone.


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One comment on “Vallone Subway Ads”

Anything that starts out with
“Artwork or vandalism? ”
makes me cringe.
Why can’t the NY1 author of the piece just take it hed on and say
“jeez someone really wanted to epress themselves!”
and then talk about how someone took initiative to convey or communicate.
I guess they’re just as dumb as Vallone, taking the opportunity to
slam public expression and jump to the angle of criminalization.
No discussion on public space, no dialogue about bogus restrictions on
instruments of graffiti.
Just the typical, “whoa, pissed off designer” and “hey isn’t that illegal”
Wow I just realized they were talking about all of the things I wanted, only with
the spectrum as big as a needlehead.
Props to whomever took the time to make this.
The biggest point that NO ONE should miss, is that YOU can do this to.
Use your head the next time your sitting in front of your computer staring at VR,
or craigslist, or whatever you do, and make something!

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