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Voces de la Frontera Community Art Build in Milwaukee

January 30, 2018

Building Art to Keep Families Together from MTEA Union on Vimeo.

Joe Brusky of MTEA and the Overpass Light Brigade made a time lapse video of the recent Voces de la Frontera Community Art Build that was held in Milwaukee from January 17-28. The art build produced for Voces and the immigrant rights movement in Wisconsin over 450 screenprinted pickets signs, close to 20 banners, 400-plus butterfly cut outs, nearly 100 t-shirts, 200 plus silkscreen pennants, 1000 screenprinted posters, and a 100 yard banner that is 10′ wide. It was a beautiful group effort by 300-plus people working in collaboration with a movement. Joe Brusky’s photos and his video captures the spirit of the movement, the art build, and the activist-art infrastructure that is becoming so pronounced in Milwaukee and beyond.

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