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Wisconsin Farmers Rise Up

March 16, 2011

The speech by Athens, Wisconsin dairy farmer Tony Schultz at the Madison, Wisconsin rally on Saturday, March 12th was by far the best speech that I have heard in Madison and epitomizes what the struggle in Wisconsin and beyond is all about: urban and rural working class people fighting back against corporate power. Schultz’s speech was the highlight of the day. The low-light was the complete lack of diversity of the speakers at the farm labor demo and the failure of all of the speakers to address immigrant rights issues and migrant farm workers issues. Let’s hope these issues and struggles become more unified in the labor battles that are unfolding in Wisconsin.


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2 comments on “Wisconsin Farmers Rise Up”

thanks for posting this! I’m originally from up in central WI, and from Tony’s area. We went to school together and he is very articulate at conveying what’s been going on in central WI for a long time. That is – privitization of argiculture and education.
Currently I live in PA, and there is recent news of the commenwealth’s budget eliminating a large portion of education funding. This in turn will lead to the elimination of ag extensions etc. In any case, Public work, education, and Family Farms are all under siege… we need to take back our country!
A. Bill

Copenhagen updates

Copenhagen updates

December 15, 2009

Some links to keep up with whats happening at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and the protests in the streets: Indymedia Danmark: Democracy Now!: