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Wisconsin Heating Up: Civil Disobedience and Arrests in the State Capital

July 25, 2013

More reasons to despise Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: He has made gathering in the State Capitol Building without a permit illegal. Of course people have defied this, but now the arrests have started in mass. Wednesday and Thursday witnessed about two dozen arrests each day as 300 plus people gathered and sang songs of solidarity. Watching citizens, including those over eighty years young, defy Walker and get arrested is beyond inspiring. Let’s hope this starts a new Wisconsin Uprising. It is badly needed.

For more on the arrests, check out the Capital Times report and The Progressive’s coverage here.

Power to the People

Power to the People

April 23, 2009

Brandon Bauer – a great Milwaukee based artist and longtime friend to Justseeds sent in this photo of his baby girl. He wrote, “Eden is already a budding radical, she…