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Wisconsin is weird and incredible

September 18, 2009

After our justseeds retreat in Pittsburgh in August I took a trip to my homeland of Wisconsin. Now I am sure most people don’t daydream of Wisconsin imagining how amazing it is, but truly it is a special place. I was taking a little road trip to visit friends in the rolling hills and bluffs of SW Wisconsin when I realized I was passing the infamous “House on the Rock”. Growing up in northern WI I had heard of this place before but like many things in my home state hadn’t thought much about it. I assumed it was maybe an old church on the top of the hill or maybe an old world heritage type of place, basically something I wasn’t going to be too excited to go out of my way for. I only recently had learned that the “House on the Rock” might be worth checking out when I heard they had a few of the amazing sculptures of Dr. Evermore, the creator of the Forevertron (another reason WI is the best). I assumed if they had some of his work there it most certainly was not a church and was likely going to blow my mind. It did. If you are ever in the Spring Green area of WI (West of Madison) go there, smile nice at the elderly ticket man, give him your $30, just do it don’t think twice, and enter the overly sensational experience that is HOUSE ON THE ROCK!….













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3 comments on “Wisconsin is weird and incredible”

This is the single best justseeds blog post ever. I cannot believe I never went to this place. I’ve had friends tell stories of RUNNING through it so as to see everything within a reasonable period of, say, four to five hours.

Its spaces like this that I hope are the relics of our time, much long after we’re gone.
They reference so much of our culture and what our society produces.
It will be much more “digestible” for aliens or future “civilizations”. Mass Production-easily interpreted…
let these be our museums

yeah, I treated myself to this, it was my birthday, I went alone and had to almost race through it as I got there late in the day. I did get through it in the 3 hours I had before it closed, but I wold recommend at least 5 hours there. The whole thing is the brain child of an eccentric architect Alex Jordan. This is the stuff I love about life.

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