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Metropolitan Habitat

Over at Mythological Quarter, cohorts Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom are constantly letting loose sharp, well-researched and inspirational projects all over the place, and thankfully documenting them relentlessly! Bonnie most recently designed a series of ten posters: “Metropolitan Habitat” details incidents of animal “encroachment” in urban, human-built environs. Bonnie says: “News stories play these incidents from a few common angles: comedic effect, danger to humans, or the nuisance factor of the animal population. The posters appropriate the language of the news but for me are part of my larger interest in how animals shape and are shaped by our urban spaces. Ultimately, I want to know how human habitat can be better designed to accommodate the inevitable wild life visitors. We should not be surprised when the coyote enters the sandwich shop, rather we could expect it and be prepared for this kind of eventuality.” Download each of the posters as PDF’s here, and keep your eye on Mythological Quarter.