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Amazing! (Colin)

November 23, 2013


The blog series in which I ask members of Justseeds to make a list of five things that have been inspiring them as of late. This time we get a list from Colin Matthes of Wisconsin:

The things that make me tick:
1. Naomi Klein article about the radical Implications of research by climate scientists: How science is telling us all to revolt.
2. Solar Power
In this case getting to install residential solar with my brother and father.


3. Lawnmower Demolition Derby

4. This book is rad, A People’s Art History of the United States
I just read the Yes Men chapter and want to purchase a SurvivaBall. I am also reading Ping Pong Conversations (an extended conversation with the Minnesota photographer Alec Soth).

5. Rural Wisconsin Junk Boats

A couple other good Wisconsin things I have been taking advantage of since yesterday are Central Waters Brewing Co (rural solar brewing excellence) and having a basketball team so bad and unexciting I got handed free court-side tickets for the game last night. This list put together while drinking a Strohs, wearing a robe, and hearing Kris Kristofferson – Kristofferson.


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