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Dignidad Rebelde Archive

December 12, 2010


Here are some posters that I have never had online because I didn’t have an elctronic file or jpeg. Recently we have been working on documenting all the prints and posters we have produced in the past ten years. Our good friend Lincoln Cushing helped us photograph 450 images, posters Melanie and I have made as well as others by artists like Favianna Rodriguez, Juan R. Fuentes, Malaquias Montoya, Emory Douglas and Barbara Carrasco. I have spent numerous hours over the past week cropping and rotating images and cataloging them in a database. I wanted to share some of the prints I am super excited to have documented and available.

The poster above was made for some friends who worked at Comite Pro-Derechos de Vivienda San Pedro for May Day in 2002.This was one of the first posters I made for an organization and thought it was really cool that all the text was in Spanish.


This is a print I made in 2001 to commemorate the student massacre at Tlatelolco, Mexico in 1968. The printing is very sloppy, but I was still learning back then. I remember having a really hard time printing this and having a friend come over and take the squeegee from me and show me what I was doing wrong. I think I came up with the text at the bottom and the photo of the students in confrontation with the military came from a book about the massacre.

I made this in 2002. Mariana Garibay and I were making some newsprint posters to give away at the anti-war rallies happening in San Francisco at the time.

This poster was made in 2002 and was a collaboration with Paul Owns the Saber and was printed by Juan R. Fuentes at Mission Grafica. Owns the Saber came with the drawing and I did the design and layout and made the separations, and this was one of many of my posters Juan printed while I worked at Mission Cultural Center. It was fun working with these artist to make this poster a reality.

These posters were made for a San Francisco Print Collective poster project, about ten artists created anti-war posters that were posted up all over the City in 2002.

This was printed in 2002 for an exhibit curated by Calixto Robles, I was asked to design the postcard and thought it would be nice to make some posters too.


This was one of the many portraits I designed while working at the Mission Grafica, this one of Commandante Ramona was printed in 2001, I think.


This was another Mission Grafica collaboration with Micheal Roman who made the illustrations, designed by Mariana Garibay and I and printed by Juan R. Fuentes.

I made this poster in 2002 for a exhibit at MCCLA and tried to design it in the style created by Jos Sances and Rene Castro who co-founded Mission Grafica.This is another one printed by Juan R. Fuentes.


This is a poster designed for a event sponsored by EastSide Arts Alliance, and a collaboation with Greg Morozumi who provided the image and text. This was printed in 2004 at the Taller Tupac Amaru.


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