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AURA Workshop Tour: Bill Daniel & Shlomit Strutti


(various venues)

AURA Workshop

Bill Daniel and Shlomit Strutti

a rambling, one-night, touring, pop-up drawing and photo show + video

Texas-based filmmaker/photographer Bill Daniel and Tel Aviv artist Shlomit Strutti are touring with a portable art exhibit featuring works on paper. Strutti, with new drawings, xerography and photographs, and Daniel, with a mix of found ephemera and new printing experiments—all gelatin silver prints, have assembled a massive mash-up that is displayed ad-hoc on portable foam insulation panels that the artists travel with and set up in a variety of settings, from nightclubs to art galleries to DIY spaces.

AURA Workshop Tour Dates

July 18, Houston, The Brandon, w/David Janesko

July 23, Kansas City, MO, house show at the Troost Fort, w\ Come Holy Spirit

July 24, Winona, MN, Ed’s No Name Bar , w\ Come Holy Spirit

July 25, Minneapolis, MN, the *new* Madame Club, w\ Come Holy Spirit

July 26, Minneapolis, MN, Triple Rock Social Club, w\ Come Holy Spirit

July 27 , Duluth, MN , Studio 15, w\ Come Holy Spirit

July 28 , Madison, WI, Mickey’s Tavern, w\ Come Holy Spirit

July 29 , Milwaukee, WI, Uptowners, w\ Come Holy Spirit

July 30 , Chicago, IL , Situations, w\ Come Holy Spirit

Aug 1, Chicago, IL, Sulzer Regional Library

Aug 2, Detroit, MI, you will find it

Aug 3, Ypsilanti, MI, YES Ypsilanti Experimental Space (Bozo Texino screening)

Aug 4, Pittsburgh, Babyland, w/ Caleb’s new tuba band

Aug 6, Philadelphia, PA, Space 1026

Aug 9, Brooklyn, NY, 94 Jewel St. Studio

Aug 11, Indianapolis, IN, General Public Collective

Aug 12, Carbondale, IL, TBA

Aug 13-16, Kansas City, MO, Front Space

Aug 18, Shreveport, LA, Mini-cine?

Aug 19, Dallas, TX, Andy Don Presents, at the Shotgun, or the Quonset Hut


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