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Bill Daniel: Tri-X Noise on Tour!


Multiple Venues

Phrases I’m sick of reading lately, usually found in the stumbling copy of cultural critics hoping to remark on the current, rapidly shifting state of image capture and regurgitation: “Generation Y (or Millenials) with their Instagrams and Snapchats”, “everyone a photographer with their smartphones these days”, “Photography Singularity”. Really though, I get a lot of joy out of sheer graphic communication online (and off). Great images, regardless of their provenance, beat most of what people write and publish on the internet (or in the NYTimes), and I don’t necessarily believe that cameras in all pockets is the end of some formerly pristine culture. But what is holding a real live photograph worth these days? And who the hell drags film and lenses everywhere they go anymore in order to make such an ancient thing happen?
Bill Daniel is a photographer. He’s also a filmmaker, a gear head, a seasoned tourer, inveterate raconteur, a bit of a wanderer, and a damn nice guy. He’s taking a pop-up photography show on the road for the first time in a while, and if his timeless van is parking in your city, you should save the date and make the time. Like some rare and thought-extinct bird, Bill still believes in the beauty of silver gelatin on paper as a legitimate form of memorial, and he’s deft at capturing elusive moments on actual film. Go see what he’s been on about for 30+ years. There’s a little write up of what Bill is bringing to you here, and tour dates are posted below as well…

Tour dates + locations 2014:

11.19.14 San Francisco, CA
Rayko Photo Center / 428 3rd Street
Live soundtrack by Thad Povey + Mark Taylor + Octoplayer

11.20.14 Oakland, CA
LoBot Gallery / 1800 Campbell Street (West Oakland)
Live soundtrack by Kevin Thomson + National Disgrace

11.21.14 Oceanside, CA
The Hill Street Country Club / 212 N Coast Hwy (Artist Alley)
Live soundtrack by Lucio Menegon

11.22.14-11.23.14 Los Angeles, CA
Lethal Amounts Gallery / 1226 W 7th Street

11.25.14 Tucson, AZ
Cafe Aqui / 1317 S 6th Street
Live soundtrack by Oliver Ray

11.26.14 Marfa, TX
Marfa Book Company
Live soundtrack Brian Labarton

12.02.14 Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn (Red Hook) / 610 Smith Street (2nd Floor)
Live soundtrack by Ava Mendoza

12.05.14 Pittsburgh, PA
Babyland / 3577 Bethoven Street (Polish Hill)
Live soundtrack by Gina Favano + more TBA

12.06.14 Richmond, VA
Black Iris / 321 W Broad Street
Live soundtrack by TBA

12.08.14 Philadephia, PA
Space 1026 / 1026 Arch Street
Live soundtrack by Lantern

12.10.14 Cincinnati, OH
Wave Pool / 2940 Colerain Ave
Live soundtrack by Umin

12.11.14 Nashville, TN
Fort Houston / 500 Houston Street
Live soundtrack by Terrorish

12.12.14 Birmingham, AL
Mono Bham / 6 55th Place (South Birmingham)
Live soundtrack Rob Peterson + more TBA

12.13.14 Mobile, AL
Who is Bozo Texino? screening 4:15pm
The Crescent Theater / 208 Dauphin Street
Tri-X-Noise exhibit TBA

12.14.14 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Airlift (Part of the Space Rites Series)
With Taylor Shepherd’s Alter Piece

12.18.14 Dallas, TX
Ash Studios / 3203 Ash Lane
Live soundtrack TBA

12.19.14 Austin, TX
Museum of Human Achievement
Live soundtrack TBA

12.20.14 San Antonio, TX
The South Texas Popular Culture Center / 1017 E Mulberry Street
Live soundtrack TBA

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