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Carving Out Rights from Inside the Prison Industrial Complex


Join us on International Human Rights Day to celebrate Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project’s forthcoming book Carving Out Rights From Inside the Prison Industrial Complex (Hat & Beard, 2021), and launch AFSC’s #FreeThemAll December Days of Action for mass release of those in prisons, jails and detention centers. Register here.

Music by Damon Locks, and featured poets including Tara Betts and Eric Blackmon, and panel discussion on human rights, abolition and mass incarceration, as well as brilliantly crafted prints developed by artists incarcerated at Stateville prison.
Inside prisons across the U.S., incarcerated people struggle everyday for their basic rights, claiming again and again their status as human beings. This reality is even more pronounced during a global pandemic when those inside are denied basic PPE, healthcare and safety. Learn more about the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project’s work with artists who are incarcerated at Stateville prison to discuss the limits and ideals of human rights within a carceral state, and AFSC’s week of action.
For a list of other actions and events you can join during AFSC’s #FreethemAll December week of action, visit – or register your own action that week!

Co-sponsored by American Friends Service Committee, Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, Hat & Beard Press, PO Box Collective.
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