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Cider Riot Propaganda Party


Cider Riot
807 NE Couch St, Portland, Oregon 97232

If you’re in Portland, please come out and join us for an afternoon of live-printing at the Cider Riot pub, where Justseeds member Roger Peet will be partnering with Erica Thomas of Works Progress Agency to produce patches and posters featuring graphics created by Alcea Productions, Portland’s own friendly neighborhood antifascists POPMOB, and local artist Esther Forbyn. Everything we make there will be available for free, and there will be lots of delicious cider (not free) available as well!

Portland’s Cider Riot is suing local fascist organizer Joey Gibson in the aftermath of the riot that he and his goons started on May Day at the popular Portland venue, where many who had attended the day’s rallies had convened for a post-rally beverage. Come out and support Cider Riot, support anti-fascism, and get some cool graphics to pin to your outer layers when you need to signify your allegiances!

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