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Gangs of the South Bronx Documentary Double Feature


Maysles Cinema
343 Lenox Ave./Malcolm X Blvd.
Between 127th and 128th Streets






















If you are in NYC you should come out to these rare screenings of the 70’s documentaries Ain’t Gonna Eat My Mind (dir. Tony Batten, 1972) and 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s (dir. Gary Weiss, 1979) depicting the Ghetto Brothers and Savage Skulls– legendary gangs that originated in the South Bronx.

The Ghetto Brothers were founded around 1967 by Benjamin “Yellow Benjy” Melendez and his brothers. They were infamous for transforming from a gang into a an organization that lead community service initiatives and helped organize the pivotal 1971 Bronx truce among all other prominent gangs following the murder of their peacekeeper Black Benjie. The Savage Skulls were one of the most notorious gangs at the time, and headed by Filipe “Blackie” Mercado. Despite their scorn for revolutionary politics, they once fought alongside neighbors and members of the Young Lords in an epic street battle against the Fort Apache cops in retaliation for beating a Savage Skull member.

Friday, April 25th, 7:30pm:
Special Guest Benjy Melendez, founder of the Ghetto Brothers presents Ain’t Gonna East My Mind & 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s

Saturday, April 26th:
The 51st State, 7pm
Original TV program featuring Ain’t Gonna East My Mind and studio debate with Benjy Melendez and filmmaker Tony Batten
80 Blocks from Tiffany’s, 8:30pm

Sunday, April 27th, 7:30:
Special Guest Filipe “Blackie” Mercado, former president of the Savage Skulls presents 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s & Benjy Melendez presents Ain’t Gonna Eat My Mind

Maysles Cinema
343 Lenox Ave./Malcolm X Blvd.
Between 127th and 128th Streets
$7 Suggested Admission (Limited Seating Available)
Box office opens 1 hour before showtime



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114 comments on “Gangs of the South Bronx Documentary Double Feature”

Ques: What are you guys doing now, I would love to hear about that. I’m from Teller Avenue and I remember the Savage Skulls in 145X park, sheridan Avenue, etc. I know alot of young brothers need help with staying out of trouble. Please email me so that we can converse about some helpful topics. Peace and Blessings

Bra I’m from Teller Ave I remember them being around when I was a little girl one of the skulls found me when I fell out of the window

Everybody thinks hip hop started with Herc, but the truth is if it wasnt for the ghetto brothers putting together that peace summit it never would have happened, gangs would have been bopping straight into the 80’s. let’s not forget Herc’s outdoor party occur’d in 73′ the peace summit happened in 71’a full 2 years before. A Bambatta was at that summit which planted the Zulu Nation seed. we must remember those brothers and sisters who fought in those ghetto wars and recognized the fact that whitey didnt give crap about them and decided that peace was the only way.”Hey man let’s throw a jam”. B-boy culture came out of gang culture, which probably came out of jail culture.
Let’s not forget the Porto Rock niggas, we where thier from day one, Chuck D got it wrong it’s not a black thang but a street thang, Boogie Down Bronx Thang, nobody reps hip hop like the X.
Peace Out

Que Pasa my Brothers and Sisters. My name is Tony and I was a Savage Skull named Wild Moreno back in 69 on Morris Ave with my boys Savage, Mr Black, Kato, and a few others (RIP). I remember that we started Rapping when it first was meant “Rapping to a Fly Honey” to “Talking about How Cool We Were”. When I was younger, we all called it Snapping (ranking) example of the Snapper “The Rain is over, the flood is dry, why do you wear your pants so high?” Reply from the Snappee ” While the flood was here, my pants got wet, The higher I wear them the dryer they get!”
thats almost 40 years old!! It was fun in a world that was wild with activity.
I have read and watched so much stuff about our culture, written by people who did their research, but never really lived the experience. Kudos to them, but what about the people we remember who died and who were part of this world changing event. Where are their names and kudos.
We all had a part is starting Hip Hop, but remember this, many of the brothers and sisters who had the talent and the abilty and helped this Snap to Rap to Hip-Hop grow, died in the mean streets by war, drugs, and illness. Lets give props to them, who where all pretty cool, fun loving kids, living wild in a world of shit.
I tap out some of my beer to the dead to this very day, even as a corporate exec, I do not forget where I came from.
This outlaw made it out, but not without some losses.
Hip Hop is an evolution of a people in desperate need, that unfortunately is today, filled with ultimate greed. Keep it real with feel!
Wild Moreno (Rapper Tony)

Hi,i was in the young immortals then graduated to the seven immortals and was a proud member back then and still till this day remember those days as if they were just yesterday.julio was pres choco vice prez and bighead was warlord and rocky also and i had some great friends in the south bronx division and i was from the throggs neck division- ive heard alot of people have passed on but if it werent for those days i wouldnt have the outlook i have now on life and like i said i met alot of people back then and hope them all well so if your still around hey drop me a line

Bronx deserves the upmost respect from fashion all the way to music. We are all the above;what you know,how you feel and streetlife has been put in the forefront because of the possibility of us as a youth trying to find happiness in messed up environment. No directions, no pamphlets, just our voices and we spoke at one time for all ghettos.Truly yours “BIG BRONX” BXA MF (BX Automatics) Remember those broken down buildings back in the 80’s was our home when we are away and when we can’t get away we dreamed of the possibility that change can happen but reality is only for moments. We need some more of those moments Bronx.

Remembering the savage skulls hanging around junior high school 133. I remember spookie, we went to school together. He was in love with my friend alice. two brother’s spanky (william) and ray (luis). simbad and a few others.
first division led by blackie on tiffany street behind p.s. 150
If anyone’s out there, I am sending a big hello and mucha suerte a los sobrevivientes.

I don’t know what happened to benjy, I got thrown
in prison for going AWOL because I came home before
I had to go to Vietnam. However I met yellow-benjy,
Blackie, Black Ben and they were all suffering from
the same illness, Anger at their poverty, sharp minds going to waste and the drugs that were killing everything. I had a crisis in Vietnam but a war in my backyard. I bust my ass so benjy could say look what I’ve done! I wrote a book with all the truth, pictures, and articles. Write me or E-mail anytime for the Truth.

Waz up all: I remember Benjy from the Ghetto Brothers, and Blackie. God bless all you guys, and I am happy that most of you are alive. I often go back in thoughts trying to put faces with names as I wonder “wow is he still alive” I was with the Young Lords, and worked and hang with both Nomads, and Skulls, Ghetto Brother, Majestic’s, working for peace. I pray often for all you guys. I am writing a book called “You Only Life Twice” about my involvement with the gangs, drugs, the Lords, Police brutality and all the s*** that when down in the hood. If any of you remember Chino, please hit me up. Mean time GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU BROTHERS. I am on my space, and face book as Gumersindo Vidot

to all fellow member of the young immortals,and savage skulls, i remember growing up on fox st.and playing handball with rudy as park manager,and working summer jobs and Bighead and Julio and rocky first division prez and warloads,,attending P.S.150 and P.S.99 then went on to I.S.116X AND KNOW A POLICE OFFICER IN PUERTO RICO ,,WOW HOW TIME FLYS BY…..HECTOR…


Wuz up Savage Nomads,I use to be a Nomad back in 1976.Were is DSR? Tell him to get in touch with Angel.I see that Crazy Joe is R.I.P.Sorry to hear that cause I now Joe back in the days.Tell all my crew who now me wuz up………..Dino,camamchie,etc.
Keep in touch.Savage Nomads 4 life

Peace and respect to my brother Karate Charlie, President and Founder of the Ghetto Brothers.
Get with my man Charlie if you want the truth. Those who know dont say, those who say don’t know.
Do the Knowledge!
Omar Islam Medina
Founder Zulu Nation Florida

What Up.
I was in the Warriors. You know. That’s that real live bunch from Coney. And I do mean The Warriors.
we was just up at that big meeting in the Bronx. A lot of hassl. A lot of heads got busted. We made it this far, and we’re going to make it all the way back to the big CI. “No where to run, no where to hide”? You forget that we Warriors are good, real good.
The Best.
Peace Out.
Swan (Warlord)


My name is Michael Velez don’t know if you know my dad raymond Velez he was part of the Roman kings just doing some research on my dad who part away thanks

MY NAME IS Chegui, brother of EPI, Roberto and Mikey. I grew up
with a Raymond Velez from 141St n Cypress Avenue the Bronx. The Roman Kings were a mix of nationalty..We started as a stickball team and ended as a social club. Some members were your dad Raymond, Giraffa,Gizmo,Lefty and some others. Than the girls were Lucy Paleta, Gloria,Chckv.Ray was married to Lucy the last time I saw him. That was in when I came back from the Air force. If this Raymond is your father let me know.

Are you sure Jose Santiago because I knew a lot of Roman King’s they originated as the savage nomads 3rd div they were at war with the savage Skull’s which was the brother club of the savage nomads so they eventually branched off and formed the Roman King’s on East 163rd Street & Prospect Avenue maybe the Roman King’s on East 141st Street & Cypress Avenue was maybe the second division

Hello fello gang members, I was in the Young Bachelors from Eagle Ave in the Bronx. I later became body guard to big Bee-Jay of the Supreme Bachelors when Red and Goldie took command of the colors from henry which flew Thee Bachlors, getting permission Black benjy who was doing time. They were with India if my memory corrects me. I remember Cowboy, Goldito, Peace, Happy, Lil-man (weemo),Machito,Edwin Chivita, Pepsi, Blondie and China (sisters), Mother Earth,. I remember growing up and thinking I would not get out or make my 15th birthday. I went to Lolita Rodriguez Del-Tio on St. Anns and shared the school with the Southbronx Immortals. I remeber Bam-Bam, Tank, K-Gee and Vincent (Sparrow)from the Black Spades. Most of all I rem ember the club on 149th street “The Cave” between Brook and StAnn’s Ave.I went with A girl from Prospect Ave who use to be a Roman Queen, Her name was Carmen Vasquez AKA Penny, we hung out with Mita, Indio’s cousin. Peace.

i remember the seven immortals from fox street park, i know that big head and his brother dinny both died of AIDS. and alberto (cubano) died of AIDS too… i remember spanky and his brother of the savage skulls… i wonder whatever became of them…

Just wanted to gIve a shout out to my brothers the savage skulls. I was the presIdent of the 18th dIvIson on cypress avenue. I remember goIng to the first dIvIson and seeIng blackIe,hollywood,gary,rat,rIngo, satch,smokey,booboo,monkey and mr hyde. Outlaws for lIfe,sffs. I stIll wear mc boots. Let a bro know of the next reunIon.

Hey My Brothers,
Good to know that I am not alone when I think about those days in the south bronx. As crazy as it was, I loved it and would not have changed anything if I had to do it over. I was a Peacemaker on Vyse and 173rd., around the corner from the Boys Club. I was at the summit and one of the founders of the Peacemakers. I stay in touch with a few brothers from back in the day. I am close with Bam Bam from the Spades and I remember Black Benjy from the Ghetto Brothers. I remember he pierced my ear for me right on Vyse Ave. with a needle, thread and some vaseline….Lol. After that you couldn’t tell me nothing. Love that Boogie Down.

My older Brother “CHINO”,was a member of the Savage “Skulls”,the 1960’s old school. Died JANUARY 18, 2011 from ASTHMA. CHINO MY BROTHER ,”REST IN PEACE”, YOUR SAVAGE SKULLS AND FAMILY MISS YOU, GOD BLESS YOU,SLEEP WITH THE ANGELS NOW. PAPI see u soon.

i lived in 149th and southern Blvd.I was with the Savage Skulls till I moved to Chicago. I was wondering what ever happened to the guys that used to hang with me at the A&P there wher we used to push grocerys for people in the hood for change! Remember that? What ever happened to the Savage Skull brothers like, Hippie, Mingie, Franco, all from the 149th Southern Blvd area.Oh yea, theyey called me “Magilla” back then. I think it was Hippie or Mingie that used to have all those pigeons on the roof as pets, remember that? I am also a minister now helping and encouraging people in the ways of the Lord. Someone from back then please give me a shout on Email or facebook. Thanks… Albert Suarez

I remember these guys growing up, misunderstood for sure. Hippie, gigantor, these guys meant a lot to me then, and they still do. Oh yeah and Louie and the dirty dozens, love those dudes tiger, b.o. those were the day’s☺☺☺☺☺ oh yeah I was a young skull with Leo, aka hippie back in the day. Started the fox street boy’s under Louie from the dozens, and if some of y’all had negative experiences get over it. I was younger then a lot of those cats, and I go anywhere in the Bronx a get crazy respect because of those guys. Much love and I definitely remember you magilla lol, I know that hippie passed. Don’t know about the rest of our boys??? rip Leo G.

I was in the immortals in Astoria queens I was a warlord my prez name was. Cisco 21st division they use to call me mall love to hear from guys that were from queens.

I was only 5yrs old when I lived in the south bronx on southern blvd in 992 and across the street in 999 and remember hearing about the Savage Skulls and Imperial Bachelors from my brothers and their friend Carlos aka Wolfie.. wow how time flies. Wonder if any of you fine people might of known him PEACE


Wow, good to hear that I’m not crazy, I live in NJ now and I try to tell my peps about this, they think I’m nuts…. sorry for them I grew up on prospect ave between home st and 169th…I was a young knight, later becoming a skull, please keep posting I want to stay in touch… I’m sure you know my last name Chance …RIP to my sisters Essie,Naomi,and Doris Smith aka Mother Earth

Hi people
my name is tommy aka toti from 151 beck st.
I went to school at jhs 52 and ave st. john.I hung
with slick, shogun,fat louie,mousey,went to school with hippie and mingie,i also hung out with gigantor. peace my brothers.

Some people need to get there facts straight !! It was Yellow Benjy that started, “The Ghetto Brothers”. He is the FOUNDER and was the president. He made Karate Charlie the president for a short time because he was on drugs! Yellow Benjy was trying to help him, to get off drugs. He loved Charlie as a brother and still does!! Remember its all documented !!

I was a little girl living on 166 Teller Ave I fell out of a second floor window and was found by who I believe to be the Savage Skulls ask me how I remember that at 7 years of age I remember riding on the back of the motorcycle and he took mr straight to my mother so to the Savage Skulls that you for saving my life I was born in Manhattan raised in the Bronx I believe one of them is my biological Father

Whats Up People; Reading these articles made my hair stand up and bought back so many memories. House parties with the black lights, posters, hanging in the basement,etc. A lot of you may not be familiar with our particular division of the Savage Skulls. All of us lived on Tiffany between 163rd and Westchester ave. I didn’t become a Skull until I had beef with Sinbad and Young Blood back then. Blackie, Spookie, Rat, Little Man, Satch, Gary, Waxy, Randy, Big Oaf, Little Oaf, Commanche, Apache, Gigantor and almost all of the 1st Division hung out on our stoop. We were called the “Virgin Division” back then as some of us still lived at home with Mom and Pop and was still going to school. However, when it was time to throw down; we were down. All of us pretty much went to John Dwyer JHS 133, Morris HS, Alfred E. Smith HS, Monroe HS, Clinton HS, Evander HS, Jane Adams HS. We hung out on 163rd in the little store front clubs back then; sometimes all night long. In the summer we used to go to PS 150 at night and climb over the fence to sneak in the pool and sometimes walk down to the pier at Hunts Point. That was up the block from the 1st Division club house. Some of the people that lived in Tiffany at that time was Myself (Manny), My brother Wilson (Beef), My Brother George, Robert, Loreene, Diane, Josey, Dwight, Johnny, Ana, Twiggy, Peewee, Preston, Luther, Sonia, Wilfredo and his crazy sister who I can’t remember her name and other names right now…that was about 41 years ago for me. As I read these articles, they made me remember some events, people, etc, that I had not thought about in years. It was my son that mentioned to me that the Savage Skulls were on the internet. He knows that me and my brothers were in the Skulls back then and learned all of the “details” of the everyday life in the South Bronx when my brother Wilson filled him in on his visit to New York. I still go home every now and then to get “revitalized”. There is no experience equal to growing up in the South Bronx at that time. In one of the articles I read where Mark states “I try to tell my peps about this, they think I’m nuts….” This is a true statement. I retired from the Army in 1994 (left the Bronx in 1974) and I still tell people about how it was back then and they think I’m nuts and say that I may be exaggerating. However, you guys are my proof that life once existed. While we may have gotten older and gone on to be fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers: growing up in the South Bronx and being a Savage Skull, I believe, prepared us for the life outside of the “Ghetto” now known as the “Hood”. In ending, I want to say Rest In Peace to those who are gone and shout out and “mucha suerte” to those that live on.

The “Virgin Division” was not known by many. We were from Tiffany St. Between 163rd and Westchester Ave. My Brother Wilson (Beef) did a post to this site in 2011 talking about our times back then. “Beef” passed away in May of 2012. That’s also the last time I saw Blackie and Lorine.

Savage Skulls bronx divisions:

Original Div (E.156th Street & Fox Avenue)
1st Div (Tiffany Street Bet E.163rd Street & Westchester Avenue)
2nd Div (Simpson Street Bet E.167th Street & Westchester Avenue)
3rd Div (??)
4th Div (Westchester Avenue & Castle Hill Avenue)
5th Div (E.149th Street & Southern Blvd)
6th Div (Ryer Avenue Bet E.178th Street & East Burnside Avenue.! Km)
7th Div (E.163rd Street Bet Kelly Street & Tiffany Street)
8th Div (??)
9th Div (E.169th Street Bet Sheridan Avenue & Grant Avenue)
10th Div (??)
11th Div (??)
12th Div (??)
13th Div (Interval Avenue & Beck Street)
14th Div (??)
15th Div (??)
16th Div (Butler Houses)
17th Div (??)
18th Div (E.138th Street & Cypress Avenue)
19th Div (??)
20th Div (??)
21st Div (Roger’s Place Bet Westchester Avenue & E.165th Street)
22nd Div (??)
23rd Div (??)
24th Div (E.168th Street & Morris Avenue)
25th Div (E.149th Street & Southern Blvd)
26th Div (E.166th Street & Morris Avenue)
27th Div (Stratford Avenue Bet E.172rd Street & Westchester Avenue)
28th Div (Einstein Loop East Bet Einstein Loop North & Elgar Place)

These are all the Divisions I know some are missing because I don’t know where they are located at?

i remember a savage skull named spanky from the 1st division. anyone out there knows what happened to him? he had a brother that was also a skull ( i think his name was louie but don’t remember)

My brothers and sisters,, I lived on 180th st across from the bronx park, with the water fall, near the Zoo. I walked with the Reapers and attended meetings and fights, I was a bit too young to be one, I knew a Bengy from the Reapers and Tico, Wilfred, some I don”t even remember. I hung out with about 8 other cats who lived in the same bldg, Tony, Baldo, Manny, Ricardo, Freddie, Mike (my brother), Rolando, who were all in training to be Reapers,, no doubt. I am now a Fireman in California,, a former US Marine, but have never forgotten my past,, it was a great time in my life. If any of the cats I mentioned are out there,,, hit me up to catch up. peace!

Blackie (Skulls), Black Benji (Nomads) and Yellow Benji (Ghetto Brothers) are the 3 presidents that made a major impact in the peace process. we remeber how it was in the days. the south bronx burning and most of the burnt houses was our club
it was rough. amazing during that time i played baseball with julito and pablito from the immortals and i was a skull. most of the team was from hoe ave and some of us from tiffany. imagine playing ball by day and gang banging all the time.
we were all lucky to be alive today. i was in the 1st div with blackie, marvin (hollywood), gary, mr. hyde, gigantor, raul, spanky, ray#2,spooky, lil man, robot, ringo, big oaf, lil oaf, c.c.,sachmo, rat (now known as arab)blondie, sinbad, robot, apache, chino, shorty do, and sinbad. loraine, penny, dimples, millie. i then went to the 5 div. so much happened in the day. everyone new when one turf started and one ended. looking back it’s incredible how it was. i can go on and on about the days but that’s alright. i was also in the army and just retired from the dept of health. i wanna give a shout out to all members of all the gangs who survived. god bless you all. and by the way, last time i heard about spanky i was told he was in Michigan. i don’t know about ray#2 his brother. savage skull reunions are held every year around labor day in the park at simspon street and westchester. all are welcomed. i still live on simpson st. after i moved from tiffany street 45year snd counting. and to my brother manny and my nephew junito, how about a visit? my people

Would you know how Evelyn, Jamal, Smokie, Horse, Crazy Joe all passed? Do you know where FLY from the noamds is now or where Comanche and dslr ended up? Or Joan butler/Bob Werner?

My name was Blackie when I was in the Seven Immortals, started as a Young Immortal, and quickly became a Seven Immortal for betting up an older member from another gang, I was in the main division on Bryant & Westchester, which I became the treasurer at the time of all divisions…at that time Julio was the pres and Cirillo was vice pres, I miss a lot of those members back then Diamond, Ralphie,Smokie, Anibel, Larry, afro Louie, Jeffery, Watusi, Big Choco, Fagget Freddy, Lefty, Papo…so, many brothers we had and a lot of them have past away….tho it was a crazy time in those days I would not have had it any other way, all those brothers were true brothers without any question….true OUTLAWS to the end, as for me still in the life, today I’m an MC OUTLAW…. We also had some of the most down by law young lady’s , Ely, Rosa, Mildred, Iris, so, many that it’s just to mention, and, much respect to all those gangs from that era….much love to anybody from the Seven Immortals who are still around…Peace & Love

Hey fellow gang members i just wanted to write to you all letting you know that this is crazy Joe’s niece his sister vicki’s older daughter. She was from the Roman Queen i miss my uncle so much he was crazy but he had the best heart ever.. my you R.I.P uncle Joe….

OMG! Hi to all, I am so excited to see all this. I’m always talking to my grandson, 18 now, about these days. Now he can see that its true. My brother GILBERT and sister IRIS were in THE SEVEN IMORTAL,I rember Julito, Ely, Rosa, Rosa use to go with my brother, Brillohead, Anibel, Milderd Uncle, “lil” Tony, “lil” man and others. We use to hang on the corner of Hoe Ave and Aldust in front of COLONS store. Or play baseball in the school yard of P.S. 75. I think about those days and the crazy things we did, but I would’nt change a thing. Hoping that everybody is doing well. God bless.

Due u remmber Peter went to school with Gilbert Vincent( papo) an me use to be together all the time I got shot with shotgun in 73 papo died that year from faulty shotgun I know u an ur family fail street I was on hoe Ave if not for Diamond probably would have died before that he wasn’t to happy iwas a Mongol may he rest in peace blessings to u an urs I remmber u pro,iris frank,moms still here if u remmber drop a line

Wow…to see how far back we can remmember things as if they never changed!!?Love to all my ZULU NATION,and all you catz from the days in the south bronx…never forgotten!!!??

wow brings back memory I use to run with the immortals I remember all those names diamond was the first president and went he got locked up julito took over my man lil Felix aka papito was the pres of young immortals anabel use to go with ely she was papitos sister julito use to go with rosa her sister. And the person talking about iris and Gilbert from fail st.across from PS75 I know them. And hanging out in front of colons store. I wonder is this provieta frankies wife.

I use to hang with the immortals my sister was tata with the glasses julito use to stay in my house I lived across from anabel on aldus st diamond started the immortals then he went to jail and julito took over I remember hanging whit papito ely brother he was pres of young immortal. To the person that posted about being iris sister and Gilbert sister if it’s provita how your husband frank we use to hang in front of colons store and do our thing if you know what I mean he use to talk on his CB radio he use to call me porky you use to be my class monitor in ps 75 when I was younger .

Greetings to you all on this page, My name was LiL-Ricky (AKA) Fingers, Former Young Skulls/Savage Skulls New York, from the South Bronx, From 149th Street & Southern Blvd & St. Johns Ave. Also hanged out in Morris Ave and Concord Park across from the great Supreme Court House
Use to hang with the 25th Div. & 25th Chapter, The Compies, Carlito, Mingie, Hippie, Manny,Gary, Franco, and my Compie and Brother Lil-Outlaw-Ray R.I.P. Black Mark, Blondie, Carlos aka Father, Santos and Cheque, Blackie, Arab, Mousie, Comie Evelyn, Ana and Hollywood R.I.P. Iron Mike R.I.P. and so on. Just so you all know I am a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, A born again believer, and so is Blondie, he was set FREE from Fish-Kill Corr. Fac. 6 years ago, and just a few weeks ago he was set free from his life Parole, God is good. I am married to the same lady “D” for 24 years. I will never forget the past, but I thank God for my future in Jesus, I am in Gods Gang now. My love to all that are still living.
Remember Jesus Loves you all, He has a purpose for you.
Living in Florida Serving Jesus and Working for Teen Challenge of Fl. Inc. Look me up.
Peace out

La verdad! I used to be a Savage Skull & hung out occasionally with the Ghetto Brothers, Savage Nomdas, Reapers, Turbans, Black Spades, to name a few. In looking back, these clowns were never role models but two-bit punks who got stoned & robbed people. The real role models of the St. Bronx were those people (like my father & tia) who stayed clean, went to school, and had to endure the BS of these morons! Growing up i believed the BS they were saying about society-that the white man does not want us to succeed…what BS! Mira, if you want to get ahead in life you have to do what all successful people do-they go to school for an education & they WORK! Tiendes mendes! We’re not special or better than anyone. Yes, we’re coming from behind d/t the conditions we were born into; however, that’s no excuse for not taking care of business by getting educated instead of hitting the bottle or the needle. A la juventud de hoy. Stay in school & don’t follow those clowns who go around thinking they’re the baddest mofos out. BS! The key is to get an education & lead by example! Forward & i am somebody!

Ernest, I must reply because I think you are being too harsh on these, mainly New York Ricans from the Bronx. It’s true many used drugs, some robed others, and still they protected the areas from worse situations. As a Minister of Peace with the Claremeont Chapter of the Bronx, I can honestly say that they partied more than they helped the community, but we must look at the situations in those days, from the government shutting down fire stations to no represention in Tammany Hall. The Bronx saw poverty at is finest, schools, sure if your were licky to get a teacher or two that cared. How many were promoted to High School just so that they wouldn’t see them again in Junior High. Depression, Anxiety, Viet Nam, Burning Buildings, Welfare, Homelessness, Heroin, and the gangs. I left the Ghetto Brother in 1972 when my best friend Tito Rodriguez was killed on Claremont parkway 2 blocks from our chapter. For over 35 years I’ve been reaching out to the young people to steer away from drugs, alcohol, and anything else that would interupt their focus in life. But, I won’t down or disgrace our people in doing so. That would only make people think that you think you are better than them.. You say you were a Savage Skull but then you call them all punks that did various things. I honestly, don’t think you would’ve said any of that while you werre around them so why do it now. You. me and many others were survivors in that era, and many were doing a lot for the community. For you to come on this post and downrate a lot of these brothers that straightened their lives and decided to give back and help the community is pitiful my brother. What have you done for the people lately, other than say kids get an education and I am somebody. People with PHD’s can’t get jobs so please.

Which division of the ghetto brothers were you from?

Claremont parkway and Washington ave was the 3rd chapter Ghetto Brothers and fulton ave and 174th was the 19th div Ghetto Brothers

Hey, what’s up out there in the hood! This is “Juice” from the Bronx. Was a member of the Savage Nomads 4th div Castle Hill area. I remember our prez Chris and by main bros David V, Stanley and his bro Gary, Edwin and his bro David, Chachi and Chino. Blessings to all that survived. Peace.

Where in Castle Hill was your division located at I know the Savage Skulls 4th Div was on Westchester Ave & Castle Hill Ave

good to hear some of the immortals are still alive i was in the immortals during the 70’s sorry to hear (diamond)victor has passed i used to live on 165 street and bryant ave i knew his brother Ralph and good to see u are ok Lilly you remember evelyn you hung out with her at stratford ave hay i can get friended on face book as louis reyes or god bless all

Ex-Savage Skulls member for over ten years started as a young skull which I still have my tatoo of my young skull enblem on my right arm. The first time I saw the Savage Skulls I was standing on Simpson street. Which I and my family move to. Getting back to what I was saying Savage Skulls were riding there bikes on the steerts the cars could not move to many bikes the first three bikes were holding large flags P.Rico flag a African flag and a United Nation flag and it musy have been at least 200 or more on there choppers stlye bikes you remember banana seats and long sissybars 5 speedy and swchin bikes . I was about eight or nine years old. I knew then that I wanted to be like them. My brother met a member of the Savage Skulls his name was RC. I later jion the club when I was 14 or 15 years of age. Hippie was the pres of the Young Skulls
Late in the seventies Savage Skulls decide to break up the Young Skulls me and good bro name panter were now prospect to become Savage Skulls. There is so much to say about the past. I will return and continue some other time. P.S. So many members that was not mention??

Would you know how Evelyn, Jamal, Smokie, Horse, Crazy Joe all passed? Do you know where FLY from the nomads is now or where Comanche and dslr ended up? Or Joan butler/Bob Werner?

Smokey from the Savage Skulls with the white patch in his hair is still alive but barely..

I grew up with gangs my brother was the member . They protected me until I came into my own . His experianced taught me to how to sell dope and run my own crew where doesnt matter , somewhere in hunts point . I worked from kelly to fox to hoe and aldus. On those corners is where i heard all the negative things Ernest Pacheco refers to. Thank you earnest for reminding me about the bullshit . Hey I love the bronx and my childhood was great . But that Bs killed and destroyed the lives of many people it was only when i got away from BS . That my life changed for the better . LIsten dont be a victim and dont take anybodys shit but go to school , get the hood the world is a lot bigger than that corner .

Would you know how Evelyn, Jamal, Smokie, Horse, Crazy Joe all passed? Do you know where FLY from the noamds is now or where Comanche and dslr ended up? Or Joan butler/Bob Werner?

If Albert who lived in the McKinley projects 163 and 3rd Ave sees this post I am Vincent you was my best friend and we both were Savage Skulls 1st div and for a short time Savage Nomands my parents took me back to PR in 1972 if your still out there bro let me know you wont believe who I became to be.

My name is Ponce Laspina
I was teh President of the savage Skulls 5th Division 1972-1973
at Southern Boulevard and 149th Street
Bronx, new York.

Anyone have info on how Evelyn, Jamal, Smokie, Horse, Crazy Joe all passed? Does anyone know where FLY from the noamds is now or where Comanche and dslr ended up? Or Joan butler/Bob Werner?

Good day to all, Does anyone remember this story from the NY Times. he was our late cousin and the story never matched up to what really happened that night and if Adrian was even in a gang? His father my uncle kept saying he didn’t have a jacket representing the colors so we don’t know. My cousin’s case was unsolved and we are just trying to put this painful memory behind us with the facts so if anyone has any knowledge please write back and thank you. Adrian Caez a 15‐year‐old youngster said to be a member of the Savage Nomads gang, was stabbed in the chest and in the heart by members of the rival Galaxies gang. He was assaulted at Westchester Avenue and Falle Street while on his way to a party with friends. At Lincoln Hospital, his condition was reported as critical. He died on March 22, 1972, and has his wake was at Ortiz Funeral Home 141 E 103rd St, New York, NY 10029

My best Freind Tito Rodriguez got killed on February 27th 1972, We were Ghetto Brothers, and there was a peace treaty after that because it was the second Ghetto Brother Killed after Black Benji – So i don’t think it was a rival gang and if it was they were honoring the peace treaty.

So you’re telling me both the 6th div & 8th div was in throggs neck I know someone who was from the 6th div in throggs neck houses

Hi my name is MARIA I’m looking for my son father his name was lefty he was in the Zulu nation back in the 80” he use to live around burnside ave. He had a brother name PITO. Unfortunately I don’t know his real name bc at the time I was only 13 yrs old and he was 27 and I never knew anything about him if anybody see this message and happen to know them please let me know im desperately looking for him. I want my son to be at peace 😢

My name is Larry , I was down with the nomads, savages skulls and eventually the Seven Immortals …I know every single person mentioned in this Blog…I lived that horrific life, I survived it somehow but not without a price…

Today I live a productive life, but the skeletons of yesterday still haunt me..Papo was my best and closest friend and I clearly remember picking up prices o his skull at my Girl friends house (Awilda) she was also killed, shot on a rooftop while I was in prison…The streets (south bronx) was a war zone, I participated in so much carnage and witness so much death and destruction, so many lives ruined ..Generations are still affected to this day as a result of the lifestyle we choose to live…Lil Man and I were never too far apart, Faggot Freddy died, I was there, yellow Benji died, I was there, Blood Died, I was there and too many others ..Part of me died…Part of us all died..I was there with Julio shot himself in the foot, If you read the Blog they ask about people including me, larry ..I stated banging when I was 11 years old, I was there when Junior killed Choco, and cookies brother, Carlito killed Junior…After prison I came home to a daughter that now has no mother, got a job as a stockman and thought that I had escaped the worse….I advanced in life but the ways of street life, the violence that I became followed me everywhere I went..Drugs and Alcohol was a part of our lives and it was very prominent in the following years, eventually they brought me to my knees …It’s been 21 years now by the grace of a very forgiving god that my life has changed in ways that most could never imagine, but when I am alone, just me and my conscience, I see those faces, hear those screams and wonder how in the world did I survive it…Why did I survive it…

Some will remember me, some won’t, my name is Larry, I have a jailhouse tattoo of Black Priest on my arm…I started out with SAVAGE SKULLS, on fox st, off Ave St John’s, later to Savage Nomads, union and Prospect, eventually Savage Nomads Westchester and Bryant Ave, Then Seven Immortals with Julio, Peewee, Anibel, Lil Man, Rosa, Ely, Mildred, India, Lil Papito, Gilbert, Choco, Black Benji, Blackie, Blood, Comanche, Crazy Joe, Trini, Playboy, EZ, Rudy (Black Spades) I was there in Coney Island when Homicides declared war on us and the movies (Warriors) was born from that…I was there through it all…Some days I thank god that I got locked up when they committed the Junkie Massacre on Simpson, which is what got Diamond and the rest some real time, because I live with shame and guilt of too much as it is, if I wasn’t locked up, I would have been there….

Anyway for those that were there and also survived, god bless, for those that didn’t, RIP,
For those glorifying the atrocities, think about victims, which were many…I do not think or claim to be any better than anyone on this blog, I am just trying to be different and hopefully make up for some of that shit…God Speed and all that shit

To: Larry
union avenue and prospect avenue are a block away from each other brother which cross street because its in between the 160’s which division was that? and as far as bryant avenue and westchester the cross street to that was east 167th street which was the first division

another thing the movie the warriors wasnt based on no gangs from new york during that time it was based as a book about spartan warriors i dont know why you old timers always though the warriors was based on you guys when it was based similar to the movie 300

no disrespect intended just keeping it real

Very nice Post. I am from the era of “The Scorpions, “The Crowns , I still have my Garrison belt. (remember the big buckle?) I grew up on Charlotte St. by Crotona Park Back in the late 1950’s

Hi everyone! Couldn’t be anyone but God that brought me to this page. My name is Jem Figueroa. My mother’s name was Janet Figueroa. She had a sister named Denise n brother named Hector. My mom passed away in the early 90’s but never was given any clue who Dad was. After 31 years I might have a lead. It could posibly be a man named Melvin Nieves aka Chino. Apparently he was killed. All this was in the Bronx around the same time you all speak of. If any of this rings any bells please look me up on Facebook, thank you 🖤