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Grabadolandia 2021


Virtual, Instituto Grafico de Chicago's InstagramLive


Instituto Grafico de Chicago, presents: Grabadolandia, Virtual Print Festival 2021

GRABADOLANDIA is a project that inspires new generations to engage in printmaking as a social force. Through a series of activities, an international portfolio exchange, community workshops and a three day long printmaking festival, this project creates more equitable access to cultural resources and events. Our audience is overlapping communities of artists, students, youth, Latinx families, working-class families and communities of color.

Every year the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago hosts our three day print festival. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, this year’s festival will virtual. So we are taking advantage of everything going virtual and hosting our event on our Instituto Grafico de Chicago’s InstagramLive.


Check out this year’s line up:

Nov 19, Friday:

5:30pm CT- Tamarind Institute

6:00pm – Self Help Graphics

6:30pm – Highpoint Press

7:00pm – Tom Hück Evil Print Boot Camp

8:00pm – Violeta Juarez


Nov 20, Saturday:

2:00pm CT- Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

3:00pm –  Taller Hoja Santa

4:00pm –  Andrea Narno

5:00pm – Jenny Smchid

6:00pm – Sean Star Wars


Nov 21, Sunday:

2:00pm CT- Daniel Amora

3:00pm – La Curtiduria

4:00pm – Familia Printshop

5:00pm – Adriana y Kalako

5:30pm – Adriana Rios

5:45pm – Kalako


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