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Like the Waters We Rise


City Lore
56 E 1st St.
New York, NY 10003

City Lore Gallery is hosting the next iteration of Like the Waters We Rise, an exhibition charting an alternative history of the US environmental movement, one which foregrounds the struggles of Indigenous, Black, POC, and working class struggles. More information HERE.

In addition to the exhibition, the opening on April 29th doubles as the launching of an educational box set of the same name, designed as an “exhibit in a box” that can be collected by universities, libraries, and cultural spaces. It features 20 screenprinted posters, 3 screenprinted mini-banners, and 5 buttons, as well as a book which provides context and curriculum exercises. All proceeds will go directly to the Climate Justice Alliance to further their organizing work.

Participating Artists: Bonnie Acker, Jesus Barraza, Micah Bazant, Frank Blechman Jr. and Charlotte Brody, Hannah Chalew, Dio Cramer, Jeff Chapman Crane, Rocky Dobey, John Fitzgerald, Ester Hernandez, Cesar Maxit, Dylan Miner, Ricardo Levins Morales, Isaac Murdoch, David Solnit, Rini Templeton, Xavier Viramontes

Participating Photographers: Catherine Allport, Joe Brusky, Mima Cataldo, Máximo Rafael Colon, Howard Fraizer, Jerome Friar, Sarah Ji, Lisa Law, Kenji Kawano, Matt Koller, Hiram Maristany, Cris Sanchez, Lorie Shaull, Langelle, Ryan Vizzions, Kiliii Yüyan

Participating Organizations: American Indian Environmental Council, Big Mountain Support Group, Carolina Brown Lung Association, Earth First!, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Artist Council, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Third World and Progressive Peoples Coalition, et. al., Mothers of East LA, Northern California Land Trust, People’s Climate March, Seneca Women’s Peace Encampment

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