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Poster Sale!


Interference Archive
314 7th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

This Sunday is the 2nd Annual Interference Archive Duplicate* Poster Sale!

Interference is in large part funded by the people that use it, so we need your help to keep the doors open, the exhibitions hung, and collective secure. Thousands and thousands of political posters will be for sale, starting as low as $1! Swing by, say hello, meet friends, and get some cool and unique holiday gifts for family, comrades, and — lets be honest — yourself!

Bring your own tube or packaging system, we have limited supplies.

*Do not worry, these posters are not being removed from the collection! Every year thousands of posters are donated, many of which we already have copies (or even multiple copies!) of. The sale of these posters is one of our main fundraising tools, and selling them in person gets them directly into the hands of those that love and support the movements that produced them.

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